Post basic tactics here to help out beginners!

Teamwork Edit

The most important skill to a player is knowing how to work as a team. If the team you are in is full of light stealthers they most likely don't need another one. Also remember that soloing against a well ordered defence is like playing russian roulette against yourself.

Information Edit

Information (or intel) has a very important role in Dystopia. Try to inform your players about incoming attack waves and stealthers so that they can properly defend themselves if you are playing as the defending team. Also use TAC scans to give your team useful information of the enemys whereabouts. You don't want your team to rush into an ambush, now do you?

Sneaking Edit

Sneaking is another good techigue to deploy. The most basic form of this is just using the Light class and the stealth implant to sneak to the objective. This however hardly works since any reasonable enemy knows how to TAC scan and use thermal or SWT to spot invisible foes. One good technique is to make a diversion. Try to get your team to attack trough a certain route whilst a small team of stealthers assault the objective as the enemys attention is directed to the diversion.

Rushing Edit

Most useful technique in the Vaccine level's airlock. Instead of going trough the airlock alone you should wait for the rest of your team. One light hardly stands a chance against three heavies but when you have half of an army as support the outcome of the battle is certain. This techique is often used in choke points.

Survival Edit

This bit of info should be found from the pack of skills that every newbie has. Know when to retreat. It's not allways smart to fight for death since if you die you incerease the spawn timer of your own team. Fall back from the battle and seek someone with a mediplant to patch you up. They should be happy to do this since they recieve extra points for that.