Notice - Outdated Edit

Most of this information has not been updated in a long time, and does not reflect the current game released on Steam. For more up-to-date information, see the Dystopia Website.

What is Dystopia? Edit

This is where you can find out alot of general, well-known information about the Dystopia game. An CAQ is included, as well as some other useful related information and probably some stuff a few of you may not know about.

  • Team Dystopia: Information about the Development team and the Testers
  • Mapping: all the mapping stuff am here

Arsenal Edit

Here you can find out all about Dystopia's varied arsenal, anything from Weapons, Implants, to the different Augmentation Classes, and more! The developers may not tell us every little thing about the games arsenal, but that doesn't mean we don't know alot about it already. :]

Cyberspace Edit

An important and exciting feature of the Dystopia world, the ability to hack into cyberspace to coordinate team objectives through hacking into relevant systems is poised to be one of the many huge successes of this game!

Tactics Edit

This is an extremely tactical game. Everything from loadout to team communication makes a difference in how well your team fares. For every strategy, there is a counter-strategy. Things can get pretty interesting in this game.

Community Edit

Want to voice your opinion? Discuss your wishlist? Learn about the forums or the crazies who inhabit it? Then you should find this section and it's links useful!


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