Gamestah Radio ShoutcastersEdit

Gamestah Radio is a shoutcaster 'Radio Station'. They interview, review, 'interrogate' :D, and chat it up with various important figures within the gaming community, including Team Dystopia! There are three known Gamestah interviews involving Dystopia thus far. One was a long interview with Teddy and Fuzzy, another was just Teddy, and lastly and most recently, Caliban. Esky is the main man who is responsible for these interviews, a prominent member of the Dyatopia community and a great shoutcaster.
The Gamestah Radio website is here. Give them a look! They have many more shoutcasts and interviews other than those with Team Dystopia.
In the most recent interview from Esky, chatting with Caliban about their trip to Valve, Esky was gracious and awesome enough to pimp the Dystopia Wikia site! Many thanks and <3's to Esky.

Available Interviews:Edit

There is the interview on the Main Dystopia site where a broad range of topics were covered, from Weapons, to Implants. Some of the information on this very Wiki was garnered from this source.

The most recent inteview from Gamestah and Esky touched on the Dystopia Teams core members going and visiting Valve! They popped some beers, had a LAN party with some Dystopia Gaming goodness, and even had a chance to meet with some MicroSoft employees. It is avaliable via craptastic chatback show #64 here

There is a third interview, said to be over 37 minutes long. We are currently looking into to finding this interview and will post the link shortly.. ^_^