These guidelines are meant to be taken more as 'suggestive' rather than definitive. This is a Wiki, and everyone is entitled to do as they will, but please be respective of others.

  • The purpose of the Wiki is to provide up-to-date information to Dystopia Fans, FROM Dystopia fans(You know who you are.) Forums are great places to socialize and have some silly fun, but let's all keep the Wiki as on-topic and cogent as possible. :]
  • If you have some information to add to the Wiki, make sure the information does not already exist somewhere. Unless of course, it's an updated tidbit of information of course! We can change things as needed.
  • Let's all be kind to each other and have a good time!
  • Keep in mind also that Dystopia is not yet released and that Dystopia fans who have gathered information about Dystopia through IRC chats, PM's, AIM's, and any other myriad of mixed sources may include that information in the Wiki as they see fit, but none of the info posted here is guaranteed 100% accurate.
  • Keep in mind ESPECIALLY that we can't include copy written material directly from the Dystopia site(Or any site) without prior consent.
  • Enjoy!