Multiple Corp deckers on dys_vaccine Edit

You can keep two Corp deckers in cyberspace at the same time on dys_vaccine before the Punks have compromised the Loading Docks. This will probably work best on public servers if there are at least two deckers in the Corp team who are cooperating properly.

One of the two deckers has to rush to the Corp JIP and, instead of going to the green node, open the Maintenance Hatch in the yellow node, where the second Corp decker will already be waiting at this point. It is crucial that some Corps cover the Back Door in meat space in the meantime because the Punk decker will have opened it at this point. The second decker can then get to the Level Two Spawn JIP and protect the green node from there.

Note: actually the Maintenance Hatch is the only way for anybody to get to Level Two Spawn this early in the round. The double doors to level two do not open before the loading docks have been captured by the Punks.

As soon as the second Corp decker has passed the maintenance hatch the first decker should shut it again and relogin to visit the green node, trying to keep the Back Door closed. In the meantime the second decker will travel to the green node as well through cyberspace (this will take a while).

If you manage to get two deckers into the green node this way the Punks will need a *very* good decker themselves to have any chance of opening the Back Door. Since it is quite easy to defend the foyer the Punk team will have a hard time capturing even the Loading Docks.

The Corp team has managed to do this once on a public server I was playing on, leading to the majority of the Corp team hanging around doing nothing for the entire round while the Punks where desperately trying to get into the loading docks.

Obviously this strategy will fail if the first Punk rush to the Back Door is swift and successful. Even then having somebody in the Security Room on level two at this point might prevent the Punks from capturing Level Two Spawn early.