Quick Power Routing on dys_silo Edit

In dys_silo, there is an easy way for the punks to capture the second objective immediately after the first, without having to fight down the stairs to the terminal

At any point before capturing the first objective, a punk decker (usually a cloaked light) either runs down the ramp to the lower floor or jumps off the bridge. While his team continues to fight for the first hackpoint, and keep the corps at bay, the decker hacks the terminal and removes all defenses on the cyberworld power rerouting point. He then moves into the shadows, to hide. When the punks capture the upper spawn, the decker immediately jacks in and reroutes the power. If teamchat is used effectively, he can even do it the moment upper spawn is captured. This causes the corps to be moved to the other side of the missle chamber, putting them on an early defensive.

Sneaking into the core room early as Punk on dys_vaccine Edit

There is a way to get into the Core Room on dys_vaccine without having to get past massive Corp opposition in front of the Airlock first.

This strategy (some might say "exploit") relies on the fact that the doors to level three (where the core room is) are unlocked after the Punks have captured Level Two Spawn (obviously because their final objective is on level three).

These doors however, are not being locked again if the Corps manage to get Level Two Spawn back. The strategy thus, is, to capture Level Two Spawn early, let the Corps recapture it and sneak into level three shortly after the Corps get Spawn back. You don't even have to use a ninja for that - a heavy might even be better in case the Corps have somebody in the core room "just in case".

If you get to core and the Corps don't know about this (ideally, but well possible on a public server) chances are good you will destroy the reactor before the corps can get to the reactor room to stop you.