About the developers and TestersEdit

A myriad of testers and developers have previously contributed to Dystopia project. Fuzzys, Teddy & termi were once the project leads of Team Dystopia. Past team leaders for different departments of development include Graincloud for sound, Noip for testing and Termi for Art. Fuzzy took care of information and content and Teddy was the lead coder. There are many other great people who assisted them in bringing the vision of Dystopia into a reality. In this section of the Wiki, you can read and find out a little bit about previous Developers and Testers.

Development TeamEdit


Position Held: Lead Information, Management
Prior Experience: 10 years of FPS gaming, shitload of gaming community work
Favourite Games: Doom 2, Quake, Q3 Fortress, RTCW, ET, BF1942, HL2DM


Position Held: Lead Programer, Management
Prior Experience: More than your mother

Previous Team Leads


Position Held: Lead Audio
Prior Experience: Making electronic music starting 1997.


Position Held: Lead Testing/QA
Prior Experience: 4 years testing experience. 1 year game industry, 2 shipped commercial titles.
Likes: Rocket Launchers, Kittens, Bourbon


Position Held: Lead artist
Prior Experience: Interactive media designer. / various mindless I.T jobs / studied for a bachelor of computing
Comments: psycore stole my official job :(

Previous Team Members


Position Held: 3D artist
'Prior 'Experience: "things andn stuff... and carrots"
Comments: "kittens are evil D: and rei touches them"


Position Held: 2D artist, web design, parting channels in disgust
'Prior 'Experience: He built the first internet with two sticks and a piece of string
Comments: Only works half days on Fridays
Favorite Games: Jenga, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Backgammon, Internet Hearts, Battleship.


Position Held: 2d and concept artist.
'Prior 'Experience: Interactive media designer.
Comments: My official job is to drink beer and sleep lots.

Previous Playtesters


Position Held: Tester
'Prior 'Experience: Studied for bachelor's in Multimedia & Computer Science targeted towards Games Design.
Comments: First person to join up as a normal testing grunt! HUZZAH!


Position Held: Tester
'Prior 'Experience: Studied for a Software Engineering degree.