Comments regarding this PageEdit

Sykotic: All is looking good! Well done on setting it up guys!

Ronin: Alas the wiki is fairly complete for pre demo release al wee need to do is keep putting pages back that get hax0red like the faq section...4 times now gosh

Wow.. Edit

Rei: I went to sleep early Sunday.. Woke up and went to work, then got home at 1AM.. Fired up the Dystopia website and browsed the forum a bit. Then I went and checked the Wiki and saw that you guys already set up the magnificent picture created by 'DaaDaa', and added lots of tweaks and new content.

The Wiki is coming along great guys thanks for your support. Let's keep it up.


SirDingus: Well it looks like this site is shaping up quite nicely. It seems that most of the forum senoirs have added little stuff here and there and with a tremendous effort by Rei, this is packed with information. Much thanks to DaaDaa with the picture. Good effort guys.

Fastest new wikiEdit

Wow, this is the fastest growing wiki I've seen on Wikicities so far. Great work! Angela 01:21, 10 Mar 2005 (GMT)


SirDingus: Somebody noticed us! Awesome. Thanks too, dystopia fans rock.

Absolutely awesome!Edit

Dystopia rocks! I wish they released it faster.

Mapping part Edit

When will the mapping part of the wiki be updated?

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