Motorized DestructionEdit

We should start off by making it REALLY clear that not much at ALL is known about the vehicles of Dystopia. Most information contained here is rumors and a few facts mixed in for good measure. We all love vehicles, from APC's to Helicopters, vehicles are like a symbol of freedom, and destruction. Sometimes there is nothing more liberating than speeding a vehicle down the road at 80 mph or using a tank to blow a decorative hole into a bunker. Whatever your likes and dislikes, it would seem Dystopia is going to accomodate.


There is some mystery regarding vehicles in the game, true, but there are also some facts that we do know.
  • Vehicles range from cars, motorbikes, and hanggliders.
  • The original source code only supported 4 wheeled ground vehicles, however coding was done for flying vehicles (ie. hanglider?)
  • Vehicles will most likely be primarily used as an insertion tool, after which ground fighting will occur. This leads us to believe most vehicles will be unarmed.
  • Vehicles did not make an entrance in the demo, for reasons mainly being that they detracted from gameplay too much (players would mess around instead of playing the game, for example). The devs want to make them have an appearance in full version as entry-point vehicles (driving up to a building and then running in, for example) but decided not to use their time on something so minor for the demo release.

The trouble with Vehicles...Edit

... In the source engine, is that, according to Dystopia's coder team, any time a person enters a vehicle the average transfer packets raises by 3 kb/s, which is obviously a significant increase. The problem is that HL2's netcode is not optomized for vehicles in-game, however the Dystopia Team has been trying to remedy this problem and work with the Engine to get things chugging along a little more smoothly. There were no vehicles in the initial Demo release of Dystopia, but it is still said to be intended for the final 1.0 release in the future. We can only hope!