Everyones WishlistEdit

Here is a wishlist from us, the fans, about things we would very much like to see in Dystopia. Of course we must all keep in mind this is a WISHLIST and that the chance of any idea from here actually becoming a reality is probabaly slim at best. However, the Dystopia Team is full of gamer elites and you can be sure they are adding in things even as we speak that are equally as awesome as the items on our wishlist. All the same, feel free to add any item to the wishlist that you feel like. No idea is too dumb or too small! Anything goes!

  • Rappelling: for the light class to get quickly from the tops of buildings down to the bottom maybe make it an item to purchase at the beginning and when selected you aim at the side and just jump off
  • Grappling: also for extra light mobility, allow lights to climb walls to a degree by letting them grab ledges as they jump to them.
  • Facial customization: being able to customize the face of any unit that doesnt come skinned with a helmet (most likely the light class) from haircut to tattoos(neon or infrared tattoos) to facial size and features such as a scar to skin color
  • Sound Supression: or Stealth suit increase the damage of melee weapons! Melee weapons = good! Or even make a new implant that features enhanced strength, like fibrous muscle replacements for more melee damage and possibly combine it with Leg Boosters or other implants.
  • Grenades: have the various grenades(EMP,Gravity,Frag) come with a secondary attack function to set a trip line so when the enemies are in pursuit of the stealthed out light decker they get a nice EMP explosion letting the decker get away from their terminals for a few minutes.